About the Artist
I have been a ceramic artist for many years, orginally creating designer homewares.

My recent work has concentrated on a varied range of large scale ceramic tile paintings. The concept of these paintings have been inspired by the amazing tile murals that I’ve admired throughout Europe. I feel that my work is a modern day version of this old world ceramic art.

I am captivated by the urban environment and always return to create works that in some way depict this. I love the colours and repetitive forms in these environments around the world, they aren’t always what you’d first imagine them to be. I feel that the use of ceramic tiles as my canvas reinforces the ‘urban’ feel as it is essentially a building material. It also gives a unique, glossy, industrial look that I really love.

The collection I am currently working on is an exciting exhibition of ceramic paintings celebrating our urban environment. Investigating cities, the repetitive form of the man-made environment and the uniqueness of how and where we live around the world. Exposing the beauty and colour of our everyday environment and showcasing different architecture old and new in bright, bold, large scale ceramic tile paintings.

I have been exhibiting my work in numerous group exhibitions in Australia, as well as a number of solo exhibitions. My submissions to Art competitions and prizes are regularly being shortlisted and selected as finalists. I recently exhibited in Florence, Italy, in 3 different exhibitions, which was a wonderful experience.

I’ve been really thrilled with how well my work has been received and this has encouraged me to keep going forward to create larger and more detailed works.

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