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'Art in the Laneways' project
Five Dock, NSW

My artwork being installed at Five Dock as part of the 'Art in the Laneways' project.

This artwork was created to celebrate the multicultural diversity of the Five Dock community. The artwork features architectural styles from around the world harmoniously built side by side. The title of the artwork 'What's for dinner?' entices the viewer to imagine what food is being prepared in the kitchens of these homes, evoking the tastes and smells of global cuisines.

Journal of Australian Ceramics
What an honour for me to have this article in the latest edition of 'The Journal of Australian Ceramics'. You can get a copy of the journal from www.australianceramics.com/shop/

A big thank you to Jen MacCulloch for her wonderful writing of the article and Dianna Watson photography for the fantastic photos.

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