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Coming up in 2016:

The two paintings below have been selected for a 'Snapshot Exhibition' at the Goulburn.art Regional Gallery from 18th March to 16th April, 2016, in the Foyer Gallery. I will be giving an artist presentation on 31st March 2016, 11.30am - 12.30pm.

A Snaphot Exhibitions is a selection of 2 larger works or 3-5 small works. It gives people a small sample of an artists work.

Terrace Charm – 100 x 90cm, 2015. Inner city urbanisation, the charm of Paddington’s terraces have a captivating beauty, this painting plays on the closeness of these houses in a quirky repetitive way.

The Way In or the Way Out? – 100 x 135cm, 2013. I've always loved doors and windows for some reason. It got me thinking about the different ways that people may look at doors. I see them as 'The Way In' - to safety, comfort, security, relaxation, to be able to just be yourself. But others may see them as 'The Way Out' - of chaos, abuse, insecurity, disconnection, restlessness, a way to spread their wings and reach for freedom. So - Doors - 'The Way In?' or 'The Way Out?' - Which one are you? 

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